How to change habits and live healthier

Everyone has a habit they wish they didn’t have. For example, many people have tried to stop smoking, limit their social media use or stop eating meat but just can’t seem to get to where they want. The trick is stopping with certain habits by replacing them with new, better ones. Yes, we understand that this might not be an easy process, but you should keep a few things in mind to make your chances at success as high as possible.

Replace old habits with new ones.

Only kicking old bad habits can be difficult as you are depriving yourself, as you are substituting an activity that included gratification with nothing. It is much easier to replace an old habit with a new one. You have to think about this as a 2-birds-with-one-stone situation. Instead of feeling like you are depriving yourself now you feel like you are just replacing a bad habit with a good one, which just might be the motivation you need to make the change. Surely, it might be a bit of work to start with and will definitely not deliver as much pleasure in the start but the feeling of satisfaction after replacing an old habit is bliss.

Forming habits take time

Forming habits simply do not happen overnight. And depending what you want to get yourself into, the time required can be vary significantly depending on the complexity of the habit. According to a study this could take anywhere between 18 and 254 days. Drinking 1 glass of water before going to bed will probably a much easier habit to learn than working out 5 days a week. What you would want to do is simply trying to push yourself do to a certain activity regularly until it becomes something you do automatically – it has to become routine. Even though you shouldn’t worry much if you do, try to not skip days when trying to replace old habits with new ones, it certainly helps a lot to make sure you get as many consecutive days possible.

Take it easy

It’s easy to forget that we are just human beings and we do have our cravings that does have to be satisfied from time to time. If you want to eat as little sugar as possible, get there by taking gradual steps. Slowly limit the amount of sugar you are taking in. Having one small piece of cake from every now and then is not going to do you bad even if your goal is to not eat sugar. Going cold turkey might work for a few but it really isn’t the path for most.


Sometimes it is just that much easier when you someone has your back. Either if it’s by trying to kick a habit with you, or just helping you with your environment. If you want to stop drinking, doing so with a friend might be much easier. If none of your friends wants to stop drinking it would certainly help if they knew you are trying to quit and won’t try to push you to drink.