How to choose a humidifier for your room

Choosing the right humidifier depends largely both on your need for it and your personal preferences. Whatever your need for a humidifier is, it boils down to you wanting to increase the humidity in your room. There are many types of humidifiers to choose from coming in quite a wide range of price. Let us try to break down your options and give you a better idea on which humidifier is right for you.

Warm Mist vs Cool Mist

Generally there are two types you could classify humidifier in – Warm Mist and Cool Mist. As the Warm Mist name might suggest, this type of humidifier uses heat to bring water to a boil and then releases the steam in the air. As these humidifiers can get pretty warm they are not recommended for use in children’s rooms. Warm Mist humidifiers also tend to come with mineral filters for water deposits. These, while generally inexpensive, do require the filters to be replaced from time to time. Warm Mist humidifiers might be preferred by people living in the North where winters are harsh.

When it comes to Cool Mist humidifiers they work in one of three ways – Evaporative, Ultrasonic and Impeller. They generally work in the same way, they make water particles move fast so they end up in the air. Evaporative models do so by using a slightly noisy fan to blow air over a wet wick (about $12 for a replacement wick), ultrasonic humidifiers use a quiet vibrating nebulizer to emit water while impeller models produce mist by using a quite rotating disk.

Room Size

You should always factor in the room size which you want humidified. Buy a humidifier that is too small and the humidity in your room will not rise significantly, buy a humidifier that is too big and the humidity in your room will get too high. Keep in mind that high levels of humidity makes for ideal living environment for mold and bacteria. Make sure you buy an appropriate size humidifier.

Measure your room in cubic meters and head to the shop. If all you need is a small or medium, tabletop humidifier you probably won’t be paying much. Small and medium sized humidifiers do come with small tanks which might get annoying to keep refilling especially if the humidifier is put into continuous use.

If you are looking to humidify larger rooms you would have to settle with a machine that will probably be on your floor. Be advised that the larger humidifier the more noise it could make, so you might want to settle for a ultrasonic humidifier if it’s going to be put close to where people are sleeping.

Last but not least, it is not uncommon for manufactures to overstate the capacity of humidifiers. Don’t buy a humidifier that you would have to run on maximum settings to cover an area desired.

Further things to consider

Make sure they model you would settle for is easy to clean. Since you are dealing with a machine that produces humid air, you would want to keep it clean to make sure what you are breathing is actually safe to breathe. There is no need to be breathing in room that is ridden with bacteria or other air born pollutants. Replace water every day and clean the machine once a week with proper disinfectants.

A humidifier is not a complicated machine and the model you choose shouldn’t be complicated to operate. Make you the water tank fits under your faucet and that the machine doesn’t have too many complicated or unnecessary settings.

Humidifiers with humidistats automatically shut off the humidifier if a certain level of humidity is reached. If you want your room to be humid beyond recommended humidity you should acquire one without it.