How to choose a humidifier for your room

Choosing the right humidifier depends largely both on your need for it and your personal preferences. Whatever your need for a humidifier is, it boils down to you wanting to increase the humidity in your room. There are many types of humidifiers to choose from coming in quite a wide range of price. Let us try to break down your options and give you a better idea on which humidifier is right for you.

Warm Mist vs Cool Mist

Generally there are two types you could classify humidifier in – Warm Mist and Cool Mist. As the Warm Mist name might suggest, this type of humidifier uses heat to bring water to a boil and then releases the steam in the air. As these humidifiers can get pretty warm they are not recommended for use in children’s rooms. Warm Mist humidifiers also tend to come with mineral filters for water deposits. These, while generally inexpensive, do require the filters to be replaced from time to time. Warm Mist humidifiers might be preferred by people living in the North where winters are harsh.

When it comes to Cool Mist humidifiers they work in one of three ways – Evaporative, Ultrasonic and Impeller. They generally work in the same way, they make water particles move fast so they end up in the air. Evaporative models do so by using a slightly noisy fan to blow air over a wet wick (about $12 for a replacement wick), ultrasonic humidifiers use a quiet vibrating nebulizer to emit water while impeller models produce mist by using a quite rotating disk.

Room Size

You should always factor in the room size which you want humidified. Buy a humidifier that is too small and the humidity in your room will not rise significantly, buy a humidifier that is too big and the humidity in your room will get too high. Keep in mind that high levels of humidity makes for ideal living environment for mold and bacteria. Make sure you buy an appropriate size humidifier.

Measure your room in cubic meters and head to the shop. If all you need is a small or medium, tabletop humidifier you probably won’t be paying much. Small and medium sized humidifiers do come with small tanks which might get annoying to keep refilling especially if the humidifier is put into continuous use.

If you are looking to humidify larger rooms you would have to settle with a machine that will probably be on your floor. Be advised that the larger humidifier the more noise it could make, so you might want to settle for a ultrasonic humidifier if it’s going to be put close to where people are sleeping.

Last but not least, it is not uncommon for manufactures to overstate the capacity of humidifiers. Don’t buy a humidifier that you would have to run on maximum settings to cover an area desired.

Further things to consider

Make sure they model you would settle for is easy to clean. Since you are dealing with a machine that produces humid air, you would want to keep it clean to make sure what you are breathing is actually safe to breathe. There is no need to be breathing in room that is ridden with bacteria or other air born pollutants. Replace water every day and clean the machine once a week with proper disinfectants.

A humidifier is not a complicated machine and the model you choose shouldn’t be complicated to operate. Make you the water tank fits under your faucet and that the machine doesn’t have too many complicated or unnecessary settings.

Humidifiers with humidistats automatically shut off the humidifier if a certain level of humidity is reached. If you want your room to be humid beyond recommended humidity you should acquire one without it.


How to change habits and live healthier

Everyone has a habit they wish they didn’t have. For example, many people have tried to stop smoking, limit their social media use or stop eating meat but just can’t seem to get to where they want. The trick is stopping with certain habits by replacing them with new, better ones. Yes, we understand that this might not be an easy process, but you should keep a few things in mind to make your chances at success as high as possible.

Replace old habits with new ones.

Only kicking old bad habits can be difficult as you are depriving yourself, as you are substituting an activity that included gratification with nothing. It is much easier to replace an old habit with a new one. You have to think about this as a 2-birds-with-one-stone situation. Instead of feeling like you are depriving yourself now you feel like you are just replacing a bad habit with a good one, which just might be the motivation you need to make the change. Surely, it might be a bit of work to start with and will definitely not deliver as much pleasure in the start but the feeling of satisfaction after replacing an old habit is bliss.

Forming habits take time

Forming habits simply do not happen overnight. And depending what you want to get yourself into, the time required can be vary significantly depending on the complexity of the habit. According to a study this could take anywhere between 18 and 254 days. Drinking 1 glass of water before going to bed will probably a much easier habit to learn than working out 5 days a week. What you would want to do is simply trying to push yourself do to a certain activity regularly until it becomes something you do automatically – it has to become routine. Even though you shouldn’t worry much if you do, try to not skip days when trying to replace old habits with new ones, it certainly helps a lot to make sure you get as many consecutive days possible.

Take it easy

It’s easy to forget that we are just human beings and we do have our cravings that does have to be satisfied from time to time. If you want to eat as little sugar as possible, get there by taking gradual steps. Slowly limit the amount of sugar you are taking in. Having one small piece of cake from every now and then is not going to do you bad even if your goal is to not eat sugar. Going cold turkey might work for a few but it really isn’t the path for most.


Sometimes it is just that much easier when you someone has your back. Either if it’s by trying to kick a habit with you, or just helping you with your environment. If you want to stop drinking, doing so with a friend might be much easier. If none of your friends wants to stop drinking it would certainly help if they knew you are trying to quit and won’t try to push you to drink.

5 easy ways to live a healthy lifestyle

  1. Eat right

One of the most important things you could do to have a healthy life style is eating right. You need to know what your body needs and how often it needs it. Simply eating a lot is not enough. You should eat a variety of nutrients. Consider limiting or completely cutting off your animal products intake. Eating animal products is linked to many health issues including heart disease and cancer just to name a few. Did you know that vegetarians are 40 percent less likely to develop cancer compared to meat eaters? Eating meat or not, make sure you also eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, green leaf, nuts and legumes. Remember to cut sugars, saturated/trans fats, processed and junk foods.

  1. Stay active

Many people overlook the importance of staying active. Even it is going for a daily 30 minutes’ walk, the benefits are wonderful. By regularly exercising you will improve your mood, you will lose weight (given that you are taking tips from point 1) and even raise your creativity according to cognitive psychologist Professor Lorenza Colzato of Leiden University in The Netherlands. If you can ride a bike to school or work you should contemplate it. If you have to take your car anywhere, park as far as possible in the parking lot.

  1. Replace bad habits with good ones

Everyone has a habit or two which they know are not healthy but still take joy in. While these habits might deliver gratification on short terms the true cost comes down the road. Instead try to focus on changing bad habits with good ones, while this might be hard at first, it will lead to higher level of satisfaction on the long term. Some common bad habits include smoking, drinking, not getting enough sleep and overworking. Push yourself to indulge in other activities to replace bad habits.

  1. Surround yourself with like-minded people

Trying to lead a healthy lifestyle can be difficult if you are in an environment which pushes you the other way. Having friends who go out drinking every weekend is problematic if you are trying to quit drinking. Having someone ask you if you want to go for a smoke every day is not going to help you stop smoking. The same scenario can be applied to all situations. If you do have people around you who wants to improve their lives as you want to improve yours it will be much easier. Furthermore, doing anything with someone or a group of people is usually much more fun than doing it alone.

  1. Hygiene

While hygiene is not the first thing people think about when they hear the word health, it is highly relevant. Brush your teeth regularly for healthy teeth and gums. Not taking care of your teeth and gums can lead to Periodontitis, gingivitis, plaque and caries among other things.

Furthermore, shower at least once a day and wash your hands after going to the bathroom. It always a good idea to wash away all illness causing germs.

Clean your house frequently and wear clean clothes to ensure you don’t harbor any other germs.

What are health risks of smoking

It’s no secret that smoking is harmful to your health. The World Health Organizations reports that over 5 million smokers die each year because of their habit. An extra 600,000 die because of exposure to second-hand smoke. In the United States about 1 in 5 deaths is because of smoking-related diseases. Tobacco is the leading cause of death and illness in the world. Additionally, smokers have a negative impact on those around them and society.


There are numerous diseases related to smoking. The most well-known being cancer. Tobacco smoke is linked to about 90% of all lung cancers deaths. You are 25 more likely to develop lung cancer if you are a regular smoker. Women actually die more often from lung cancer than they do from breast cancer.

Furthermore it could also cause cancer in different parts of the body such as the mouth, lips, throat, larynx, esophagus, bladder, kidney, liver, stomach and pancreas. Quite a long list!

If cancer is not what you are afraid of, contemplate the multiple other implications smoking can have on your health. Smoking harms your heart and blood circulation which leads to higher risks of getting coronary heart disease, heart attacks, higher likelihood of getting a stroke, damaged blood vessels and arteries (making them thicken and grow narrower). Narrower/thickened blood vessels makes your heart beat faster and your blood pressure go up.

If that wasn’t enough smoking can also give you chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), bronchitis, emphysema and pneumonia. Of all the deaths caused by COPD, smoking was linked to 80% of them.

Smoking has also been linked to reducing fertility by affecting sperm, harming the health of your teeth and gums, reducing bone health, an increased risk of cataract, inflammation and decreased immune function.

The list goes on, but you have an idea now to what extent smoking is harmful. All these illnesses furthermore makes way for further health risks.

Health risks for second-hand smokers

Even if you are not a smoker, inhaling second-hand smoke can be as damaging depending on your exposure to smoke. Fortunately, smoking inside of public spaces in many countries is now banned. But that still leaves private spaces and other places where smoking inside is still allowed. Bartenders, casino employees, small kids and babies are just a few examples of people who are all still passively inhaling smoke in many places.

Second-hand risks also counts for unborn babies. Mothers who smoke while pregnant have an increased risk of having a miscarriage, having a premature birth, experiencing still birth or having a baby with a low birthweight.

Further reasons to not start or to stop smoking

Apart from ruining your health consider the effect smoking might have on the people around you. Even if they are not inhaling second-hand smoke they all carry the burden of knowing what smoking might do to their loved ones down the road. Have you ever thought about how you want your last 10 years alive to look like? Do you want them to be filled with joy and activity or would you like to be bedridden with illnesses? Moreover, being a smoker might put you in a place where you can’t work. Also think about the immense amount of money being funneled into the treatment of smoking related illness could be put to better use.

Smoking is seriously looked down upon, you might not hear it from non-smokers, but to us smoking cigarettes is naïve and foolish.